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Meditative Counseling

I am offering a new form of support and practice, called Meditative Counseling. Mostly it will be a short-term approach of about 5-6 weekly sessions, however it can run longer, if helpful. During this time, we will identify a particular area where you are having difficulty, or want to become stronger, and then create a customized bundle of meditations and mind-training tools to help you accomplish this. The work can be done in person or digitally through Zoom.

Each session will run for about 65-70 minutes, and involves:

a quick “check-in”.

a 20-30 minute meditation session.

a conversation about your meditation session, experiences from the last week and anything else that comes up. We will tease out insights about what is arising in your body, heart and mind, and then figure out how to work with it.

learning a new meditation technique, usually each week.

and finally a quick “wrap-up”.

I have also been finding an unexpected interest in Buddhist practice and ideas, and am happy to explore them with clients/students as well.

It is suitable for 1 or 2 people. The cost is $100 per session for one person, $120 for two 0r $150 for 3 or more up to 15. This cost includes HST and a sliding scale is possible.

To be clear this is NOT therapy or psychotherapy, however Meditative Counseling can be used in a  way that is complementary to traditional therapy, however it is not recommended iif you are experiencing psychosis or serious delusional states. Meditation should also be used cautiously with trauma.

*If you are interested in working with me, please email me at:

Please make payments by e-transfer to

“It’s never too late to start feeling better!”


“In a world of cookie cutter many-stepped programs that futilely promise change and always fall short, Ken Hood has provided me many opportunities and tools to effect real change in a complicated life.  His wisdom, insight and knowledge have provided very real changes in my outlook on life, my behaviour and my satisfaction with life as it is and could be.  His Buddhist based methodology has been the perfect complement to psychological problems that I’ve been trying to tackle for years and he has brought me a very long way in a very short time.  His ability to tailor the subject matter to help with healing is very much a central part of my success in change.  My love for Buddhism not withstanding, he has made the subject matter so applicable and appropriate that mini-revelations occur in each of our sessions.  Ken has become my favourite hour of every week and I’m very glad to be ‘incepted’ each time.  Thank you, Ken, for the growth and healing you have contributed to with each hour.”
Andy, in his 40’s

My Sunday Meditation & Inquiry Session @ 10:30 am – Online

Everyone is welcome! We begin with a half-hour meditation. Instruction is available, if are new to practice. We then have an open-ended inquiry about our experience. Don’t worry, no one is expected to talk, unless you want to. Finally, there is a little teaching. It is a very relaxed digital space. Drop-in and by donation.

Click on the link below and follow the simple instructions. This session will end July 11, 2021 and start up again September 26th, 2021.
If there are any problems getting on, please email me at:
Please support this work with an e-transfer donation to

My Wednesday Meditation & Inquiry Sessions @ 7:30 pm – Online

Everyone is welcome! The same as Sunday except we begin with a forty minute meditation.
Drop-in and by donation.

We are at This session will end July 7, 2021 and start up again September 8th, 2021.
If there are any problems getting on, please email me at:
Please support this work with an e-transfer donation to


My Introduction to Meditation Series – TBA

Everyone is welcome, especially beginners! During the six weeks, we will be covering six essential practices including: calming the mind, self-compassion and mindfulness. There will be meditation, shared inquiry and a little teaching. We do sit on the floor, however chairs are available. Please no perfumed colognes or body products as they can be distracting and cause allergic reactions in others. This a series that you sign up with a set cost of  $84 plus HST.

We are on Zoom. Code to be announced.


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