Sharon Salzberg is coming to Guelph

Sharon Salzberg, internationally recognized mindfulness and lovingkindness teacher; author and speaker will be in Guelph, June 7 St Georges Church at 1pm. Tickets are $10 and available through The Bookshelf. Her book Lovingkindness is one of my favourites.We will also be launching The Lovingkindness Project at this event. Please pass this message along to anybody that might enjoy this. Thanks!

From Lovingkindness:

“Metta is the abilitity to embrace all parts of ourselves, as well as all parts of the world…We can open to everything with the healing force of love. When we feel love, our mind is expansive and open enough to include the entirety of life in full awareness, both its pleasures and it pains.We feel neither betrayed by pain nor overcome by it, and thus we can contact that which is undamaged in us regardless of the situation…We do not need to fear anything.”